The STM AUDAX clutch, in addition to being conceptually a clutch absolutely different from what it has seen and imagined so far, was also born to cut routine maintenance costs.

Born from race

.. designed for your passion!

It uses an innovative system that helps to improve some of the critical aspects of today’s commercially used textiles used in the off-road sector; In fact, it limits the wear and the pusher plate is guaranteed a life.


  • 1.
    The clutch allows replacement of the disks without removing any spring.
    This feature makes it unique in the world and provides faster service times.
  • 2.
    Top range helix springs guarantee the projected load even after 100,000 cycles. The total load from the springs supplied is superior to the original to prevent any suspension of the whip even in the case of highly prepared engines for the racing world.
  • 3.
    The supplied steel discs have a drag profile that greatly increases the contact area with the hub by decreasing the hammering effect of the original discs.
  • 4.
    The wear of the plate supports disk is non-existent with the adoption of the first disc in contact with the steel clutch.
  • 5.
    The throttle wear on the work of the gutted disks is completely canceled by the adoption of the last disc in contact with the steel tedder.
  • 6.
    The materials used are aeronautical alloy alloys, the top for lightness and thanks to specific oxidation processes increases the wear resistance.
  • 7.
    Greater lubrication than commercial clutches.
  • 8.
    The starting clutch behavior is ON / OFF or gradual.
  • 9.
    The pusher is non-deformable by the forces applied to it because it is not perforated for the housing of the springs.
  • 10.
    The special housing of the springs guarantees the latter that they can not flex laterally.